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A break for the summer

2019 edition

We’re taking a bit of breather for the next few weeks. But have no fear: we’ll be back to our regular schedule on the 12th of August.

Written by Josho Brouwers on

It’s July, so summer is well and truly upon us. Just like last year, we’ll be taking a bit of a break. The fixed team are all off doing their own things, even though Matt will be spending at least some of the time editing together the next episode of the podcast, which we recorded last Friday.

This latest episode deals with the topic of mercenaries in the ancient world and features two guests new to Ancient World Magazine: Drs Stephanie Craven and Hannah Leftheris Ringheim. The episode will be published next month and is definitely something to look forward to.

My wife and I will be travelling again to Southern Italy, but we’ll also spend some time on the beautiful island of Crete, enjoying the Aegean Sea and taking in all the cultural and historical sights. Just as I did last year, you can expect a raft of articles that deal with the sites and museums we will visit there, including the archaeological museum of Heraklion, the Minoan palace at Knossos, and many other exciting places. And I will naturally use this trip as an excuse to write about ancient Greek mythology, including Talos, the bronze automaton that guarded the island and was ultimately defeated by Jason and the Argonauts.

We also have some other stuff planned that, time permitting, we’d like to do. For example, we’re thinking of launching a merch store to help pay for the costs of the website and to hopefully, at some point, generate enough revenue to finally be able to pay our contributors. And in that context, I should like to thank our small but dedicated group of backers on Patreon: your support is greatly appreciated and has helped offset the costs of running a popular website. If you, too, want to help us out, please consider becoming a patron for as little as $2 a month.

In fact, we’ve got some fun stuff planned for patrons, too. One of the ideas I’ve been toying with is to offer exclusive little extras to patrons, including a (semi-)collectible series of “fact sheets”: one- or two-page PDFs, nicely laid out and richly illustrated, that each deal with a particular topic. Like an article on the website, but limited to patrons only, and easier to print, too. Just something nice to hand out as a thank-you for your continued support.

So, in any event, we’ll all be back and posting regularly again from the 12th of August onwards, so about a month from now. In the meantime, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter. It appears very infrequently (sorry about that), but it’s probably the easiest way to stay in touch aside from our Patreon page. Furthermore, don’t forget you can read up our previously published material by browsing our online archive. You can also dive into the unknown and check out a random article.

If you have any suggestions for us, either features you’d like us to add to the website or ideas for articles, feel free to let us know. Otherwise, we hope you’ll have a great holiday yourself and look forward to creating more great stuff for you when we’re all back!