Jan van Daal

Jan van Daal has a background in classical archaeology and Latin, with BA degrees in Archaeology and Prehistory (2013) and Latin Language and Culture (2014) from the University of Amsterdam. He is currently a graduate student of Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in Technical Art History. In his research, Jan endeavours to answer questions about cultural heritage objects by combining methods from conservation practice, art history and the exact sciences.

At present, his interest lies with Fayum portraits, particularly the way they were produced and the information this may yield about Romano-Egyptian painters’ studio practice. Having successfully completed extensive research on two Fayum portraits from the Allard Pierson Museum, Jan hopes to expand his research to the remaining portraits in the Netherlands and beyond.

The girl with the golden wreath


The girl with the golden wreath

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This article offers a closer look at a mummy portrait of a young woman in the collection of the Allard Pierson Museum.