This page keeps track of all changes and revisions made to Ancient World Magazine, both large and small. The changelog does not generally include content updates except when these are important from the point of view of the website’s development.


Added code to include pull quotes in articles, especially reviews.


Changed the hover effect on the tiles on the homepage. Before, a white, faded border appeared around the tile when you hovered the mouse cursor over it. But that seemed to generate a weird blue haze in Chromium. So I’ve removed the faded effect and instead the background image now zooms in a bit when you hover over the tile with the mouse cursor.


Articles now feature an “author box” at the bottom of the page with information about the article’s author, and a link to their page on the website. I’ve temporarily removed the “related articles” block and the social media sharing buttons, since I don’t think anyone actually used them.


Reorganized the website’s main navigation. Instead of focusing on types of content, the navigation in the main bar (below the logo) now emphasizes the content itself, grouped into cultural or geographical units. Hence, if you’re looking for something on ancient Greece or Rome, you can now simply select either from the menu and are immediately presented with all articles, podcast episodes, videos, and so on about that particular subject.


Added links to PayPal at the bottom of every page to make it easier to support us. There are now three options to pick from, and all of them are one-time payments (€10, €25, or €50). Don’t feel obliged to support us financially: sharing the website or sending in an article works fine, too.


We’re taking a brief break for the summer. In order for readers to be able to read something fresh, I’ve added a “random page” function. Click the link to have the system pick a random page for you to read. Enjoy!


An addition to the content of this website: we now collect and share links to news and interesting articles published on other websites. We refer to these as “sherds” (with thanks to contributing editor Matthew Lloyd).


Re-arranged the blocks on the homepage: the top-most position is now occupied by three posts instead of one, meaning that each block is roughly similar in shape. Hopefully, this should prevent the tops of faces from being cut off! Also moved the “About AWM” block from the footer to a central position on the homepage.


Added positions to contributor overview page (e.g. Author, Contributing Editor, Editor-in-Chief). Also changed the footer slightly to separate the copyright statement from the navigational elements.


Another minor tweak. Added a new “Content” section where you can browse all content regardless of type. Split the header menu into two: a primary one (with stuff like the About Page, the FAQ, information about contributors, etc.) and a secondary one beneath the logo with options to browse the website’s content. The button at the bottom of the homepage has also been changed from “Browse all articles” to “Browse all content” to reflect this change.