This page keeps track of all changes and revisions made to Ancient World Magazine, both large and small. The changelog does not generally include content updates except when these are important from the point of view of the website’s development.


We’re taking a brief break for the summer. In order for readers to be able to read something fresh, I’ve added a “random page” function. Click the link to have the system pick a random page for you to read. Enjoy!


An addition to the content of this website: we now collect and share links to news and interesting articles published on other websites. We refer to these as “sherds” (with thanks to contributing editor Matthew Lloyd).


Re-arranged the blocks on the homepage: the top-most position is now occupied by three posts instead of one, meaning that each block is roughly similar in shape. Hopefully, this should prevent the tops of faces from being cut off! Also moved the “About AWM” block from the footer to a central position on the homepage.


Added positions to contributor overview page (e.g. Author, Contributing Editor, Editor-in-Chief). Also changed the footer slightly to separate the copyright statement from the navigational elements.


Another minor tweak. Added a new “Content” section where you can browse all content regardless of type. Split the header menu into two: a primary one (with stuff like the About Page, the FAQ, information about contributors, etc.) and a secondary one beneath the logo with options to browse the website’s content. The button at the bottom of the homepage has also been changed from “Browse all articles” to “Browse all content” to reflect this change.


Minor tweak to footer by centring the copyright statement.


Updated the support page (by request) to make it easier for people to give just a one-time amount of money via PayPal (rather than a recurring thing with fixed tiers).

I also added support boxes to longer articles: a regular expression inserts the box before the second heading, with a short blurb and a link to the support page. Not sure if this will be considered disruptive or not; be sure to tell me what you think.


I’ve temporarily disabled the Dutch version of the website. Many of the ancillary pages (like the about page) had been translated into Dutch, and for (most) articles the titles, subtitles and ledes had been translated, too, but the rest hadn’t yet. I expect the double content was something Google didn’t like, so until I’m able to actually translate all of the content, I have taken the Dutch versions of pages offline for the time being using this method adopted from the ProcessWire forums.


Updates the archives to list not just articles, but also videos and podcasts. Also updated the search (and the text in the sidebar) to enable users to search through not just articles, but also videos and podcasts.


Today, I’ve finally managed to do a proper video, about the Red Pyramid at Dashur. As a result, I’ve added a “videos” section to the website and a template for both that index page and separate videos. I might tinker with the layout/design in the future, but for now it looks fine. Also added videos alongside podcasts to be loaded on the homepage, in the sidebar, in tags and regions pages, and so on.