This page keeps track of all changes and revisions made to Ancient World Magazine, both large and small. The changelog does not generally include content updates except when these are important from the point of view of the website’s development.


I’ve temporarily disabled the Dutch version of the website. Many of the ancillary pages (like the about page) had been translated into Dutch, and for (most) articles the titles, subtitles and ledes had been translated, too, but the rest hadn’t yet. I expect the double content was something Google didn’t like, so until I’m able to actually translate all of the content, I have taken the Dutch versions of pages offline for the time being using this method adopted from the ProcessWire forums.


Updates the archives to list not just articles, but also videos and podcasts. Also updated the search (and the text in the sidebar) to enable users to search through not just articles, but also videos and podcasts.


Today, I’ve finally managed to do a proper video, about the Red Pyramid at Dashur. As a result, I’ve added a “videos” section to the website and a template for both that index page and separate videos. I might tinker with the layout/design in the future, but for now it looks fine. Also added videos alongside podcasts to be loaded on the homepage, in the sidebar, in tags and regions pages, and so on.


Added tags and regions to podcasts. They now also show up on the regions and tags pages (as well as the individual region and tag pages, of course). Originally, I coded the system to only look for pages with the template “post” (used for articles), but now I have added the template “podcast”, too. Will add other templates as they are added to the website.

One problem with the website is that the bounce percentage has been high ever since we launched (between 65 and 70%). That’s partially because most of our traffic comes here via Facebook and Twitter, so that people read a linked article and then click away. To help keep people on the site, I’ve added a related items block at the bottom of every article that links to other articles and podcasts based on tags and regions, with a little randomization thrown in (that you won’t notice because of caching).


Updated the sidebar. Since we’ve got podcasts now as well as articles, the “Recent articles” section in the sidebar has been changed to “Recent updates” and now lists both types of pages in reverse chronological order.


Some minor, but I think important changes today. I have added a watermark to default page images that are shared on social media, inspired by how the newspaper The Guardian handles branding on shared webpages.

I also took the opportunity to improve the “recent articles” list in the sidebar by now including subtitles, so that there’s a bit more information available to readers. Using substr I made sure that no colon is added if the main title ends with any form of punctuation.


Added brief text about this website (including our mission) in the footer.


Minor modifications to footer: removed gradient and added CSS horizontal line instead of image.


Quite a few changes today. The first podcast went live (yay!), so I needed to add it to the menu. Also decided to add a FAQ, split the page with legal mumbo-jumbo into separate pages about copyright and privacy, and implemented a few other changes. As a result, had to redo how the system handles menus (no via fields in the backend rather than directly from the template). I think the navigation works better this way.


Modified the homepage to make it easier to see what’s new. Before, the “mosaic” with articles was arranged in a 1-3-3-1-3-3 pattern in desktop view, meaning one large image followed by two rows of three smaller images each, and then again one large image followed by two rows of three smaller ones.

This, in retrospect, made little sense. Articles (and podcasts!) are now listed in a 1-2-3-3 pattern, with one large image, followed by two medium images, followed by two rows of three smaller ones, so that it works more like a funnel, leading the visitor from the latest post to later items.