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Questions and answers

Q: There are many websites about the ancient world. What makes this one different?

A: Yes, there are quite a few websites out there on the web that deal with the ancient world. So what makes Ancient World Magazine different?

Well, a lot of the websites you’re probably thinking about either strive to be encyclopedias, cover just a very particular aspect of the ancient world, or are depositories that offer ancient texts in the original languages, often alongside translations and/or transliterations. The first group basically strive to be like Wikipedia and are usually run by enthusiastic amateurs. The latter two are often created by specialists as a form of outreach. Our resources section lists a bunch of websites that fall into the latter two categories.

In contrast, Ancient World Magazine doesn’t try to be comprehensive like an encyclopedia, since that usually generates content that is by and large rather superficial. We also don’t try to limit our content to any particular topic (e.g. just Achaemenid Persia or just Ptolemaic Egypt – as vast as even those specialized subjects might be!). We also don’t offer any full texts of ancient sources to read or download. Why would we? If you’re interested in any of that stuff, there’s plenty of websites out there that have you covered anyway.

This website is more of a blog, really. Importantly, the regular contributors here are also all trained ancient historians and archaeologists. We each have our own voice, but are united in our desire to disseminate quality writing about the ancient world that is accessible and based on up-to-date research, often with plenty of references and suggestions for further reading. Our content emphasizes depth rather than breadth, with the total output hopefully covering a good range of different cultures, regions, and periods. [Top]

Q: Can I submit an article for publication on the website?

A: Yes, definitely! But we don’t publish just any old rubbish. All submissions are reviewed by the regular contributors to this website before being accepted. Furthermore, even if you’re submission is accepted, it might still have to be worked upon or edited before publication. It also helps if you have received training as an ancient historian, an archaeologist, or a classicist. If you’re interested in submitting an article, read our submissions page[Top]

Q: Do you pay contributors for their articles?

A: Sadly, no. We’d love to be able to pay people for their work, but for now that’s simply not possible. Hopefully, this will change. You can help us financially by becoming a supporter or a sponsor. You can also help us by simply spreading the word, liking our Facebook Page, following us on Twitter, or subscribing to our YouTube channel[Top]

Q: Can I send you ideas for topics to write/talk about?

A: Yes, of course! We love getting feedback, comments, and suggestions. Feel free to get in touch[Top]

Q: Can I use pictures that are published on this website?

A: Well, that depends on the picture in question. Most of the pictures here were submitted by our contributors are protected by copyright, which means you can’t republish them elsewhere, either online or offline, without our prior written permission.

Some of the images used in the headers of some articles might be copyrighted to companies (e.g. game cover pictures and movie screenshots) or were taking from other sources with lenient licences (e.g. Wikimedia Commons). In all cases, you should check the source. There’s a bit more information on our page about copyright.

If in doubt, just get in touch with us. [Top]

Q: Is there going to be a paper version of Ancient World Magazine?

A: Maybe. We didn’t start this website with the intention of creating a paper magazine. However, we are currently thinking about publishing a volume every year that collects (reworked) articles from the website along with some new material. We likely won’t use a traditional magazine format, but rather have it be a paperback book or something like that. We’ll probably try to crowdfund the first volume at least, or have people pre-order it to secure financing. Watch this space! [Top]

Q: How can I support the good work you’re doing?

A: Spread the word! Really, we need people to come to our site because then we can be considered successful or something? Oh, and since we’re all starving we wouldn’t say no if you decided to support us on Patreon. Any help’s appreciated. [Top]

Q: James T. Kirk or Jean-Luc Picard?

A: Oh, that’s almost impossible to answer! But while I really like the earnest, sophisticated, tea-drinking, Shakespeare-quoting “Frenchman” who’s had an amorous encounter or two with an archaeologist called Vash (of all things), I have to go with Captain Kirk. [Top]