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You can contribute articles to Ancient World Magazine. This page gives an overview of what we’re looking for, what you can send us, and how things are arranged with respect to copyright and so forth.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact us.

The basics

Formal education in the fields of ancient history, Classics or archaeology is highly recommended. One of the things that sets this website apart from many others that deal with the ancient world is that its writers have a professional background in the ancient world. Nevertheless, if you feel qualified to write for us, get in touch and tell us why.

As far as topics are concerned, almost anything goes as long as it’s related to the ancient world in some way. We encourage you to write in an informal way, as this website is intended for a general audience. Inclusion of further references (notes, further reading, and so on) is a must in most cases.

Please do not send us complete articles. Instead, send us a brief proposal, with a title and an outline of what you want to write about. If we haven’t been in touch before, please also include a short profile about yourself and why you’re qualified to write the proposed article.

Important rules

When it comes to articles, there are a few ground rules:

  • Any proposed articles must be be based on original work: no plagiarism!
  • Authors naturally retain the copyright to their submitted materials.
  • Authors grant Ancient World Magazine a non-exclusive licence to publish the submitted article.
  • Articles, once published, will not be removed: in principle, they remain on the website in perpetuity.
  • Authors agree not to republish the submitted article elsewhere, either online or offline, for a period of no less than four months.
  • If an author decides to have an article republished elsewhere, they should inform Ancient World Magazine about this beforehand.
  • If an author decides to republish an article, he/she must credit this website and provide a link back to the original version of the article: “Originally published at”

If you submit a proposal for an article for publication on this website, you agree to the rules laid out above.

Be aware that all submissions are reviewed by members of our editorial team and, if accepted, may be edited before publication.

Further information

Unfortunately, we cannot at present pay contributors for their work. We hope that this will change eventually as Ancient World Magazine continues to grow. If you want to help us financially, you can become a supporter.

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