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Thanks for checking out our website. We are a group of ancient historians, archaeologist, and classicists who believe that rigorous research into the past should be widely available and easy to find. To that end, we have established this website as a one-stop-shop for all your needs regarding the ancient world.

We are passionate about the past and hope that our content will give an idea of the many splendours that await you upon delving into the ancient world. Articles are organized into categories that emphasize an active element: the past is not there to be absorbed; you need to actively engage with it. Hence, you’ll view specific objects, play games, learn about specific aspects of the ancient world, explore archaeological sites, and much more.

Studying the ancient world is worthwhile, not just for its own sake, but for what it reveals about the human condition. Modern artists have also taken great inspiration from the ancient world, and learning more about the latter will increase your appreciation of the former. And, of course, engaging with the ancient world is fun!

The website’s editor-in-chief is Dr Josho Brouwers. Drs Matthew Lloyd and Joshua R. Hall are contributing editors to Ancient World Magazine. Submissons for articles are primarily reviewed by this editorial team.

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