Eugenia Russell

Dr Eugenia Russell is an author, musician, and historian. She plays the violoncello and piano; holds higher degrees from the Universities of London and Bristol, and a Pianoforte Diploma with Honours from the Victoria College of Music. She has strong research interests in Greek history and has published extensively on the art and culture of Byzantium and early modern Greece.

Eugenia has taught History, History of Art, and Political Philosophy in Higher Education as well as giving many public talks and lectures. She is currently teaching Music in a well-known School in Hertfordshire, England. Her latest book (with Dr Quentin Russell) is Ali Pasha, Lion of Ioannina: The Remarkable Life of the Balkan Napoleon (Pen & Sword, 2018).

A sample of her writing, an article commissioned by the British Library, is available online, in addition to material published on this website.