Sculpture in the ancient Greek world, part 2

Joshua Hall, Matthew Lloyd, and Josho Brouwers continue to talk about sculptures in the ancient Greek world. In this second part, we focus on sculpture from the Classical and Hellenistic periods.

This episode picks up from where we left off last time by focusing on ancient Greek sculpture of the Classical and Hellenistic periods. Among other things, we devote quite a bit of time to talking about male and female nudity, and what this says about Classical and Hellenistic perceptions of the role of men and women in the ancient Greek world. We also talk about the sculpture of Etruria and Central Italy, and touch upon statuary from Magna Graecia.

As with the previous episode, you may want to consult the images further down this page when listening to this podcast. (The video version of this podcast has the images integrated, so you can also watch that to have the pictures pop up when we talk about them.)

This episode is also available on YouTube.