Mercenaries in the ancient world

Experts Stephanie Craven and Hannah Ringheim join regular team members Joshua Hall and Josho Brouwers to talk about mercenaries.

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In this episode, Joshua Hall and Josho Brouwers are joined by experts Stephanie Craven and Hannah Ringheim to discuss mercenaries in the ancient world. The discussion covers across a large swathe of (mostly) the first millennium BC, with a particular emphasis on the interaction of Greek mercenaries in the wider Mediterranean world. The introduction and closing are handled by contributing editor Matthew Lloyd.

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Matthew Trundle, who died too young at the age of 53 on 12 July of this year. His scholarship had a significant impact on our discussion of mercenaries, especially his 2004-book Greek Mercenaries: From the Late Archaic Period to Alexander.

This episode is also available on YouTube.

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